Posted by: michellefierro | October 28, 2007

The week that was

I played hooky from my classes this week and I feel quite guilty. The primary reason was because the new job that I have taken on is very intense and time consuming. I have taken over the cooking, ordering and menu planning for the catering company that I work for. Essentially I am splitting the job with another person, because I am in school and the other person is also employed somewhere else. So far it’s been great. We get on well together and we both share a passion for making great food, which is important.

I had a dream about my French class last night, perhaps out of guilt that on Friday there was a quiz that I missed.

I made a promise to my new cooking partner that I would miss no more classes. A promise I intend to keep.

I hope this year (40th) will be better than the last. I feel more at peace, and not so lonely as when I first got here. I’ve made some friends at school and at work, which helps.

More later….


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