Posted by: michellefierro | October 13, 2007

Friday Top 10

  1. scythian empires – andrew bird
  2. majesty – madrugada
  3. 2 late – the cure
  4. close call – rilo kiley
  5. look up – stars
  6. off he goes – pearl jam
  7. real love – regina spector
  8. fake empire – the national
  9. september gurls – big star
  10. all you do is talk – black rebel motorcycle club


  1. […] came across this post – Friday Top 10 – and thought it was worth sharing. I hope you find it interesting too and take the time to read […]

  2. I’m such a bad music-person – I haven’t heard any of those songs. However, I have been listening to music today. Duz that count? (A bit of my husband’s Bob Dylan cd.)
    Great that you are enjoying autumn. We might as well be over here – a cold spring this week. (Bad, bad Spring!)

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