Posted by: michellefierro | September 21, 2007

Garbage in, garbage out

Monday was quite a nice day. I skipped yoga like a bad girl and cleaned my kitchen. I went for a nice long hike as well. Later in the day I went to French class and after it was down stopped at the Good Food store to get some tasty snacks. I came home and started dinner because besides breakfast that morning, I had a itty bitty piece of cheese at the GF store. I made a salad and ate it and as soon as I was done, the pain started. It started around the belly button area and spread outward. Pretty soon I was curled up in a ball holding on to my pillow and moaning. The moaning got louder and the pain of course got worse. The dogs started looking scared and the cats were hiding under the bed. I thought about going to the store. I thought about calling an ambulance. Then I guess there was a point where the thinking stopped and my body went on auto pilot. I grabbed my keys and drove myself to the emergency room.

Once I got there things pretty much fell apart. I remember sobbing and being bent over. I could barely sign the release forms. I could hear myself making lots of noise which bothered me but I couldn’t help it. Sam the nurse came out to talk to me and as soon as the words, “What did you eat today.” came out of his mouth, I knew I was going to be sick. I ran to the bathroom where I was violently ill. At this point the pain got worse. Then they gave me bed, gave me an IV and a nice big dose of morphine. Still, the pain persisted. So, considering my past surgical history, the Dr. thought that perhaps scarring was causing a blockage. So at 1am I had to have a CAT scan with the dreaded but ever popular enema. Just when you think you can’t feel any more miserable, well you do. It turns out the Dr. was right. It was a blockage. I ended up going home the next morning, where I slept and drank a lot of tea. I’m feeling so much better today and next week I have to talk to my primary physician about what the next step will be. More on this later.


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