Posted by: michellefierro | September 13, 2007

You were born, and so you’re free. So happy birthday….

So today I had an epiphany, but a very subtle one. All I remember about my 30’s was disappointment with regards to birthdays in general. In fact it could actually extend way beyond that. But today, on my actual birthday I did something radical for me; I spent the day alone. I canceled the dinner party I was going to have and all plans I had with other people.  I freed myself I think. The end result, I am happy to say was that I was content today. It was a great day. I made myself happy. How funny that it never occurred to me that I really am the key to my own happiness. So I made myself as we call it in my house, “special dinner”. Perhaps like breathing with yoga or with life, once you focus on the stillness or the fact you’re just “being”, you realize so much.

the title of this post is from the song Born, Never Asked by Laurie Anderson. Thanks Laurie.



  1. I came here from Sally’s blog.

    I’ll be 39 in May and then I’ll be walking the green mile to 40, but I’ve never been effected much by birthdays. I totally agree that happiness is a choice. It’s not always easy to make that choice, there can be so many things that get in the way, but it is so rewarding when it happens.

    I truly wish you a Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday indeed. Forty is fun. I am glad you did what YOU wanted to do!

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, my dear! I don’t remember forty, but i’m sure it was a good year.

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