Posted by: michellefierro | August 18, 2007

World on Fire

This is my first summer in Missoula and besides being blindsided by the unbelievable heat the other thing I wasn’t really expecting were the wildfires and the smoke. I mean people told me about it; but the fact that I couldn’t see the mountains took me by surprise. We’ve been at level 1 since yesterday, which is much worse that it sounds because I’m not sure the two colors that precede level 1 (which is red) even have a level. So, I think there’s a total of eight fires in around Missoula proper. Have I mentioned that the sun during the day looks like something out of Dune?I knew I should have paid more attention to that movie!



  1. I must go now and look up Missoula – the header photo looks so NZ!

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